Tiana Burse, Owner & CEO

The Story

A group of investors launched its first cannabis brand with California Bud Co. in early 2018. When they entered the market, they immediately focused on educating the public on the difference between black market Cannabis versus legal market Cannabis. The responsibility now lays on Tiana Burse after Tiana and her partners acquired California Bud Co. and have been growing bigger ever since.

The company took advantage of California’s fertility and ideal climate to cultivate the world’s finest strains. They have a Cannabis farm in Salinas Valley, or as it is commonly called, ‘the Salad Bowl of the World.’ Salinas Valley is where most of the country’s best Wine Grapes, Strawberries, Cauliflower, and many other vegetables are produced. The company also has a natural light indoor facility that harnesses the Salinas Valley’s perfect conditions by using State-of-the-Art structures.

After Tiana Burse and her partners acquired California Bud Company in 2020, she knew that she needed to capitalize on the consumers and helping them understand the power of the brand itself. But she’s not alone. With the help of Josue Arteaga, the creative director for Calif Bud Co, Tiana’s marketing background and Josue’s B2B content development mixed in with influencers they are changing the cannabis space leading with the brand first.

The Brand

California Bud sits on the pedestal with the rest of the tech giants because of their dedication to quality. The company offers some of the best cannabis strains at affordable prices. All their natural cannabis flowers are free from mold and pesticides. It is cultivated under the watchful eye of a talented team of experts who curate a selection of the world’s finest strains, ranging from industry classics to rare exotics. The team’s dedication to quality can only be compared to the dedication of a monk. 

The company’s product varieties include Pre-rolled Eighth, Single Premium Pre-Roll, Fresh Packed Eighth, and Pre-Rolled, Concentrates and Mini Pack. The products have been well-received with the market. I guess out of every five people you meet in the streets, one of them has a California Bud product jealously tucked away in their bag.

California Bud’s mission is to uplift the community’s welfare while elevating the reputation of this industry. For decades, the legalization of marijuana has been an issue, as most people associated it with criminal activities.